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4pm 5/21 & 5/22 CANCELLED
9am ONLY 5/25
Regionals are going on now!
MURPH May 30th 10am – all Welcome
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CNY Affiliate League

The Next Season of  CNY Affiliate League will start NEXT SEASON STARTS:
July 17 – Aug 21
FALL season will be:
Oct. 9 – Nov. 13th Details Here

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Constantly Varied

No need to think about programming! We provide constantly varied workouts so you never get bored doing the same routine over and over


Become a part of the CrossFit community. Come in and meet new people and make new friends who are all interested in seeing you succeed.

Functional Movements

Perform movements that will carry over into your everyday life. Our functional movements help prepare you for the stresses of everyday life.

Free Introduction

Nervous about starting? Don’t be! We believe in CrossFit and its methodologies so much that the first class is on us. Register for your first class free of charge!

High Intensity

Intensity brings results. All of our workouts are performed at high intensity to help provide you maximal results in minimal time.

Strength & Conditioning

CrossFit combines both strength and conditioning into one fun workout. Stop separating your workouts and come in and see what it is like to combine the two.

What is CrossFit?