CNY Affiliate League

CNY Affiliate League is a fitness competition series that is designed to provide a competitive  environment for individuals of all ages and skill levels in order to facilitate community building and enhanced athletic performance in the Central New York area.

The CNY Affiliate League is designed to foster competition and community in Central New York. Our competitions will test your all around work capacity, strength, mental grit, and at the same time build a great sense of camaraderie. With innovative competitions, an active community, and a passion for bringing people together, the CNY Affiliate League is the premier test of physical fitness for the Central New York.

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Teams from Central New York consisting of a Roster of 4 members with 2 male/2 female competing each week. There will be a Rx, 35+, and Open (Social/Modified) divisions to facilitate everyone being able to compete. This league is for people from all athletic backgrounds to compete and have fun. For Rx it is recommended that you can perform all the “Girls” as prescribed and for 35+ the WODs will consist of lighter weights but Rx gymnastic movements.

WHAT: 6 week Season with 1 to 2 WODs per night. The champion will be crowned at the end of the 5 weeks based on lowest total score based on rankings over all the workouts. 

WHEN: Sept 16th – Oct 21st

WHERE:  CrossFit ShockWave will host the fitness competition. 
WHY: So everyone can experience the thrill of competition and to strengthen our community. 
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